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Playing For Change: Song Around the World “Stand By Me”

Playing For Change Join the Movement to help build schools, connect students, and inspire communities in need through music. Thanks Kris

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Mellange Studio Warehouse Sale

Just passing this info along for my friend Pete at Mellange. They’re upgrading their equipment and have some cameras/computers for sale. Click here for info. Check it out and give them your best offer. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Dragonball Evolution

I got invited to this DGA Screening of Dragonball Evolution last night. You know that feeling when you KNOW something is going to be a CRAPPY experience….but you go anyways because of curiosity? This was one of those feelings… I know I got the invite so I could support Asian American Directors and stuff….but damn […]

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Metallica – Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Cool shoutout to Rich at around the 2:40-3:00 mark. This is going to embarrass him. haha! Looking good in that tux man! ha!

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SF Bay – Day 3 and 4

Saturday Met up with Norm (songwriter/musician) and started brainstorming on music video ideas. Haven’t seen this guy in ages. Phil and I went to Qbert’s house to visit El Dawg. He was there with Artistworks and prepping for a shoot. Phil doing tests. DJ El Dawg, Jesse (from Artistworks), and DJ Marr Sunday Had breakfast […]

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Bay Area – Day 2

Phil and I went to pick up Jivan Ivan from Breakvision. He’s the guy responsible for all the Breakvision Bboy videos. Here’s a trailer for one of his older projects: WHOAH! Yogafrog dropped by for dinner. Haven’t had good Uni in a while! Went over to the Metreon to meet up with Q, El Dawg, […]

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Bay Area – Day 1

There are times when you just need to get away from LA. My old friend Phillip V picked me up from the airport. Phil and his wife Kana Velasco. (He was preparing to take the pic below) Hung out with Amy Tan. Yay! Old friend that always makes me feel better when things are at […]

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DJ Qbert’s Rejected MTV Pilot Show

Rumor is that one of the MTV development interns had to burn the tape after watching it… Addy Chan and DJ QBert team up. Fun times.

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