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Good Luck Manuel!

When I got my first LA job in 2003, Manuel was the third person I got to know at work. After seven years – he’s off to do more challenging/creative things. Good Luck Manuel and thank you for all the help! (gigs when I used to freelance, tech advice, etc..) Me, David, Manuel Alibi (Culver […]

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Mike Relm Performance – 13th Annual Webby Awards

Here’s another Bay Area innovator doing his thing. Mike has always been one of those guys who goes against the grain. Everyone I know from the Bay is doing something interesting. Time to step it up a notch on my end….no joke.

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New Vlog from QBert

I got this video from Q around 9am in the morning while at work. The guy isn’t usually up that early so this must be cool. haha. He told me that just edited a new vlog – check it out. Some behind the scenes.

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N. Korea Convicts 2 U.S Journalists

Bad news yesterday… N. Korea Convicts 2 U.S Journalists Very delicate situation now… For more info: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=60755553149

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Cine Gear Expo

Paramount Studios. I’m glad it didn’t rain today! I always look forward to these things because of the panel discussions. I always pick up some great tips that help me a lot. I just watched Star Trek last night – so this was a pretty cool treat. Maryann Brandon was there to talk about her […]

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Bring Laura Ling and Euna Lee Home!

Way before I got into advertising, movies, Turntable TV, 360 Video, etc…I used to shoot a lot of documentaries for my Asian American Studies dept at SFSU. Really hard hitting stuff that would even surprise me (and I used to shy away from politics) – Hate Crimes, Bilingual Education, Filipino Veterans Rights, etc..I’d be right […]

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NBA Trivia time

Since everyone is going wild about the NBA Finals, I thought I’d throw in this interesting Asian American trivia piece. Not too many people know about Wataru “Wat” Misaka…. Japanese American broke NBA color line in 1947 Here’s a documentary about him. Transcending – the Wat Misaka Story Thanks Phil Yu.

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