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DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Magnificient

Here’s a cool vid from DJ Revolution. These raw “conversation style” vids tend to be a little more fun and insightful. Here’s Revolution, QBert, and Jazzy Jeff giving some great history about “The Magnificent”. Jazzy Jeff “The Magnificent” from The Cut on Vimeo. I’ve always been a big supporter of DJ Jazzy Jeff. It’s been […]

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Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Launch Party – FEB 10

Damn it! Missing out on a cool party! Ugh! Free admission! First come, first serve!

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Groupon “Tibet”

I guess I’ll be the 10,000 person to blog about this mess. I know some creatives think they’re “edgy” and all that shit, but man – this one was pretty horrible. Parodying genocide in order to sell coupons?!? I’m actually pretty amazed that this got through. I know a lot of these “ideas” have to […]

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Ip Man

I don’t think I’ve ever embedded a whole movie on my blog before. I love this film! Watching this sorta gets me energized again. It’s definitely one of my favorites. (and not because I took Wing Chun before). Enjoy!

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The Big 4 Festival

Still in the planning stages, but if it all works out….SEE YOU THERE!

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Cool – we’re on AngryAsianMan.

Awesome – AngryAsianMan.

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Happy Lunar New Year!

I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a good one. Fresh start on everything. Great surprise this morning. Thanks!

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18MMW NEWS: Rush Limbaugh and Proper Chinese Mockery

Helped out on two videos in a month. Pretty good way to start off 2011. Enjoy! Big thanks to Greg, Michael, Peter, Jully, Howard, and Traci!

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