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Archive for April, 2012

Maneki Neko Floor Stamp

I’ve been at my company for about 7 months and this was the FIRST TIME seeing this as a perfect straight on shadow. Good timing! Maneki Neko Shadow.

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Stuff QBert geeks out on.

During the Manilatown Heritage Foundation panel, QBert said his claim to fame was on a Star Wars DVD. haha. After the panel, he shot this at home

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Manilatown Heritage Foundation Benefit – DJ QBert Panel Talk, Demo, Meet and Greet

One of my first community projects since moving back to the Bay Area. Roy Recio got me to be one of the Board of Advisors for the Manilatown Heritage Foundation. haha. It’s funny – I’d NEVER have time to do stuff like this while working for my old ad agency. I’m really proud of this […]

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