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Zynga Tour

Phil, Kana, and I headed over to meet up with our friend Robby at Zynga last week. I’ve always wanted to check this place out. (I’m a “Words with Friends/Draw Something” fan. haha) Robby went to pick us up at the check in area. Behind him is the Zyngabego and the Time Tunnel. It was […]

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Pacquiao vs Bradley

Dropped by Yogafrog’s place to watch the Pacquiao/Bradley fight on Friday. The night was actually pretty damn fun til the end decision. lol. Qbert analyzing the replays after the decision. Hmmm…..As you can tell, Bradley “won”. Something SHADY is going on with Boxing and I’m going to think twice about shelling $60 for a PPV […]

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Segway of Oakland

I’ve always wanted to ride one of these things and I finally got the chance last weekend. We headed to Segway of Oakland and roamed Lake Merritt. Thanks to Akane and Tosh for setting this trip up. The segway gang taking a break…at Ben and Jerry’s. I really recommend that you give this thing a […]

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You Offend Me You Offend My Family Network

Looking forward to checking this out. Lot’s of familiar faces and also crew members! I’m happy that these guys are creating their own outlet and not relying on the BS Hollywood gatekeepers.

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Mike Relm’s Tribute to Kevin Pereira

Pretty cool seeing Mike Relm on G4TV. Here’s his tribute to Kevin Pereira. Video Games – E3 2012 – AOTS Exclusive

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