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Awesome Asian Bad Guys

My buddies have a kickstarter campaign up. If anyone could make it happen – it’s these guys.

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The Jubilee Project

Got the opportunity to work with The Jubilee Project, Steve Nguyen, and Jeremy Lin last weekend. Big hearted people. Probably some of the nicest, most chill folks that I’ve met in a while. Thanks for everything. I’m looking forward to collaborating again.

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Labor Day Weekend – Impromptu BBQ

The Plan: Buy food from Safeway and meet up at Balboa Park. Patrick arrives early as usual and says the BBQ area for the park is closed. BBQ Fail (or is it?). Plan B – Glen Park, Plan C – Phil’s Garage Resting up a bit after a long trek. Success!!! Where are those bastards? […]

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V3 Conference – Little Tokyo, Los Angeles – Day 2

Saturday – August 25th. V3Con is about to start at 8:40am. Frances Kai-Hwa Wang and her daughter Hao Hao are greeting people up front. Follow the balloons! The amount of people attending pretty much doubled from last year. That’s Joz on stage welcoming everyone. Chillin with Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, Nelson Wong, Hao Hao Wang, and […]

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V3 Conference – Opening Awards Reception – Pasadena, CA – Day 1

Headed to LA for the V3 Conference. I attended last year when it was called the “Banana 2 Conference“. It was a lot of fun and I didn’t think twice about going back. 11:00am – Ah, Burbank. I was just here for AX a month or so ago. 12:30pm – I had some time to […]

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