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Recent work at VIZ

I get a lot of people asking me what I do over at VIZ. Well, I’m one of the video editors at the company, but pretty much do whatever else is needed (Co-Produce, Co-Direct, Shoot, Edit, Wash Windows, etc). Lately I’ve been editing these trailers for DVD Sets. Here are a few from the past […]

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Real Escape Game

Escape from the Mysterious Room V.1 I just participated in this Real Escape Game over at New People Japantown. If you’re into problem solving in teams, I say go for it. I had a lot of fun! We almost got out of the room with a 4 person team (usually it’s 11 people). No pictures […]

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Flaming Lotus Girls HQ Tour

My friend Lyn Bryant (FLG co-founder) gave Misaki (potential FLG recruit) and I a tour of the Flaming Lotus Girls HQ. Lyn’s been telling me about her work for years (while I was living in LA) and NOW I finally got the chance to see it. Misaki and Lyn. Lyn is one of the co-founders […]

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