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Metallica Through The Never – San Francisco Premiere

Many thanks to the Hammett family (Kirk’s bro and mom) for inviting me to the “Metallica Through The Never” SF Premiere. Man…out of the hundreds of folks they could’ve invited…I’m just a little stunned sometimes. Thank you. I’m really honored. Film Ticket and After Party Pass. Rich reppin BAM Magazine. Rich was a concert photographer […]

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Komiks Expo 2013 – Manilatown Heritage Foundation

I had time to drop by Komiks Expo 2013 on Saturday. Unfortunately Bobby Rubio left 2 minutes after I entered the building. haha. I still got the chance to meet the other cool artists though. More “official” pics should be coming from the Manilatown Heritage Foundation later. These are just my personal iPhone pics. One […]

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Hello NEW Viz office. (A.K.A. – The Twitter Building)

New home.

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Good Bye VIZ Office (Northpoint Building – 295 Bay Street)

Nah, I’m not leaving my job. haha. We just officially moved to a downtown building on September 9th. I’ll sort of miss the Northpoint Theater building. The place has a lot of character and history. When people would drop by, I would start off…”Did you know Star Wars had their first screening in here?”. haha. […]

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Joe Bataan at the Manilatown Heritage Foundation

Dropped by the Manilatown Heritage Foundation to see Joe Bataan. Here are a few pics from the night. Local talent performing for Joe. She’s really good! Here’s an interview he did a few years back.

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